Friday, 4 May 2012

Of Menu Plans and Weird Diets

It's been a little long while since I posted a menu plan.  I wonder where the days fly to when I'm not looking?!  I've been on a little journey with my diet over the past few weeks.  As you may remember I was on a bit of an anti-sugar tangent - well, that continues on behind the scenes for me.  Wheat has been a problem for quite some time and now sugar is a slightly bigger problem than wheat ever was.  It's know, when everyone else is enjoying the texture and sweetness of a beautiful cake.  But the suffering just isn't worth it....pain is certainly a good prevention tool!  Severe indigestion, foggie head and insomnia are simply not worth it - not even for a hot jam doughnut.  And that is the sadest thing of all!  The happy thing is that my new scales are becoming more friendly.  We might even get to like each other over the coming months.  In any case, my diet consists of a lot of protein and low GI vegies, a small amount of fruit, natural yoghurt and 1 slice of rye bread each day.  A girl has to have just one small vice.  My dessert of choice?  Dried apricots.  They're really quite special when that's the sweet thing you have on hand!  I had about six crackers tonight - my tummy is bubbling.  It was silly...I thought I could get away with it.  Apparently not!

Anyway, our menu is something like this, with some alterations for me:

Monday: Creamy bacon & mushroom pasta*
Tuesday:  Osso Bucco with sweet potato mash
Wednesday:  Out for a birthday dinner
Thursday:  Feta Triangles, roast potatoes, frozen vegies**
Friday:  Minestrone soup
Saturday:  Homemade pizza
Sunday:  Roast pork, vegies

*  I have been having my pasta sauce over rinsed and heated cannellini beans.  A very satisfying alternative to pasta
**  I'm having roast sweet potato & pumpkin and no feta triangles....pastry is not nice to me either.

I learnt the hard way that Chinese is now on my "no-go" list.  I only had meats and vegies but OOoooohhh I was very uncomfortable afterwards!

How do you deal with dietry issues?


Left-Handed Housewife said...

I'm so sorry you have these food issues, but they may make you healthier in the long run! I'm on another anti-sugar kick--it does help that sugar always makes me feel a bit icky.


Tracy said...

It's nice to know I'm not alone in my abstinence from sugar - even if it is for not very nice reasons.