Saturday, 5 May 2012

Friendly Fix-It Men & Other Saturday Stuff

We have a new Fix-It Man.  The electrician came early this morning and had our problems with the safety switch fixed in no time.  The rangehood had light-fixture issues - now it doesn't.  The oven will have to get looked at soon.  After next pay day perhaps?  It's nice to know the house won't be inclined to burning itself down.  I am impressed with the electrician too - young man just starting out in self employment and he came on time.  A couple of minutes early in fact.  And he was nice and efficient.  That's important when you're looking for a good tradie.

While Mr Fix-It Man was fiddling around with the range, I was cleaning the bits and pieces he had to take down.  Obviously it hadn't been done for quite some time.  Frances - it only took 10 minutes.  One cleaning job at a time is the only way to clean a kitchen!!!!  I think one a week....but you might go for one a day.

Since then we've been at a working bee day at school.  My golly those days make me feel old and feeble.  I'm thinking it has less to do with me and more to do with the really heavy jobs they put on the list to be completed.  Some of them I just looked at and said "nope, that's not for me".  I felt a bit bad about that, but there were plenty of men looking for things to do.  So I cleaned the tuck shop cupboards (not a pretty job, but a woman was required!), de-cobwebbed the Primary school and cleaned the walls outside the secondary classroom.  I think a good movie or a book with a cosy rug is a good way to recover.  The fog has made the hills behind our house disappear and the rain has started again - definitely a good stay-inside kind of afternoon.


Left-Handed Housewife said...

Ten minutes a day--a rule to live by! My kitchen did not get very clean this weekend, I'm afraid, though three baskets of laundry did get folded. I have two tasks set before me this week--tidying the linen closet and the downstairs hall closet. I will feel very satisfied if I get these chores done!


Tracy said...

See - one at a time. My oven is getting cleaned this week.