Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Menu Planning for the week ahead

One of the things I've enjoyed about a lighter semester load at Uni and less hours at work is time to cook and spend time with the family most evenings in an almost normal kind of way.  I'm bracing myself for the onslaught of 4 units again next semester!!  I was supermarket shopping with Mr Busy this afternoon after school and came across a Super Food Ideas edition with some bulk cooking recipes inside.  I thought perhaps I should browse and plan to get myself organised, especially with a trip to Costco hopefully in a few days.  I'm a little reluctant to stock up on freezer items in a big way because I'm never certain our electricity will be reliable.  Take Easter for example.  The power went off on Friday or Saturday and by the time we arrived home the freezer was warm.  I had to throw everything out!  The problem was as much a fault with our safety switch as it was about the power supply.  Hopefully we've had that problem sorted out now.

In the meantime I'm getting around to being inspired about meal planning, after being in a bit of a rut.  SFI, Steph's Country Kitchen and some renewed Nigella enthusiasm might just see me through.

Monday:  Honey mustard chicken, vegies
Tuesday:   Chicken, bacon & mushroom pot pies, vegies (Nigella Express, p.175)
Wednesday:  Captain Crunch Chicken, vegies
Thursday:  Sweet & sour pork, rice
Friday:  Tuna & Rice
Saturday:  Vegetable soup, bread & butter
Sunday:  Toasted sandwiches

Some notes:
*  We don't get 'Captain Crunch' cereal here so I'll just use more cornflakes than the recipe indicates.
*  Saturday & Sunday's lack-lustre meals are a result of birthday parties for my nieces and nephew.  We won't need anymore food!

One a semi-side note, I tried something new today.  Quinoa.  I'd never had it before but I've heard wonderful things about this little seed that impersonates a grain.  I cooked my quinoa in chicken stock (just powdered) and then mixed it with sauted red onion, toasted pinenuts, roasted red capsicum, sultanas and a little cumin.  The kids all had a little taste and were impressed.  Even Mr Busy who is a little wary of the unfamiliar.  The half cup of quinoa that I cooked was enough for 3 lunch-sized meals.  Each of the other ingredients were in about equal portions consistent with the amount of red onion....a fist-full of each.  I think quinoa might become my new rice.

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Left-Handed Housewife said...

I've been thinking about trying quinoa myself. Good to get a positive review from you!

Nigella's chicken pot pies look mighty good. I may print that recipe out for future use.