Saturday, 19 May 2012

Weekend Catch Up

It's been a whirlwhind few days.  I was all set to head off into the city yesterday morning for a PD (aka professional development).  I hopped in my car and turned the key.  Nothing.  Zip.  Not a sound.  My battery was completely, unexplainably and without any warning dead.  The kids were unceremoniously bundled into the car some 15 minutes before they expected to be and Dh whisked me off to the train station.  So not the leisurely drive in to the city I'd planned to have.  A whole hour (and probably more) in my own little head space pondering the world.   Anyway, I got there just in time and learnt heaps.  By the time I got home Dh had had my towed just up the road and had the battery replaced, the transmission repaired and the seal on one of the passenger doors glued back into place.  Definitely my hero.  Oh my goodness - the transmission is so light and smooth now.  And I can start the car in Park.  I didn't realise how much I missed being able to do that!!!!  I almost feel like I have a new car.

I feel like I've had my first real experience of running teenagers around.  Miss Mischief has decided to get involved in Kids Church on a Sunday morning.  A direct result of a spur-of-the-moment prayer that went something like "if you want me to do something please get someone to come up to me".  Bold prayer when you don't really know anyone at church.  And would you believe the next day the Kids Church lady came up and asked if the girls would like to get involved?  I laughed when Miss Mischief told me this the other night.  I told her you never pray prayers like that unless you mean them.  And she did.  Mean it, I mean.  Anyway, I earned good parent and bad parent points all in one night.  I dropped her off for training on Thursday evening....and then almost forgot to pick her up.  I was late.  Very late.  Very not like me!  But we'd been distracted by the unexpected coming's and going's for a couple of Dh's family members.  And last night we had to keep ourselves awake and remember to go and pick her up from church.  The youth were all whisked off to a youth event in the suburbs and returned back at church at a time when I'm normally going to bed....and to my knowledge she's still asleep.  Apparently this is what teenagers do.  Stay out late, sleep in the next day.  It's a new experience for us.

And now I'm avoiding an assignment that needs writing.  I really want it done this week so I can focus on studying for an exam.  I hate exams - give me a written assignment any day.  It may take longer but I do much better.

The rest of the weekend?  Dh's going to burn off a pile of stuff he dumped at a friend's property....and dinner with them.  Perhaps lunch with church/school friends on Sunday....studying.  And as Frances posted "cleaning. Maybe cleaning. Probably not cleaning."  I can so relate!!!!  Frances has also inspired me to start walking again.  Stories of her neighbourhood and gardens got me out the door this morning, sans dog.  We don't have a dog.  But I even enjoyed the light misty almost-rain as I walked.

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