Monday, 7 May 2012

Monday Menus and Mayhem

I was just scrolling through my 'from this blog' images.  Those photos are filled with so much stitching has been and gone and I've little time to continue with it these days.  In the last two weeks two different people have asked if I am still stitching and I've said "not at the moment".  Perhaps a little poke to get me stitching again?  Now, while the semester is quiet with only two subjects actually active?  Yes, maybe ....

The upside of no stitching is that I devote my time to weekly tasks and essay writing for Uni and there is beautiful fruit for those labours.  My Dance & Drama assignments came back with a credit and a distinction and my PE assignment was returned to me with a coveted high distinction attached...and glowing praise.  This is the 'work' God has given me to do in this season and while stitching is one of my first loves, it can be set aside for a while.  And while I'm content with my 'work', the stitching does occasionally sing to me longingly!

I need to phone about my oven getting together with a lovely Fix-It Man - the poor things needs the kind of love we just can't give it :(  In the meantime there is a limit to what can be cooked in there.  The lowest temperature is 180C if the oven stays on.  The 180C mark is now just as the oven turns on so it flicks on and off constantly.

Here is the nearly oven-free menu for the week:

Monday:  Crumbed beef schnitzel, vegies
Tuesday:  Tomato & bacon pasta
Wednesday:  Ricotta fritters, vegies
Thursday: Chinese pork spare ribs, rice, vegies
Friday: Vegetable frittata, vegies
Saturday:  Mr Busy's choice
Sunday:  Not sure

I'll crumb my schnitzel with polenta (cornmeal) and use cannellini beans for Tuesday's night's pasta in order to accommodate my growing issues with wheat.  Avoiding starchy carbohydrates like rice and pasta (gluten free, of course) seems to be working well.  I use sweet potato instead of regular and have extra vegies instead of rice.

Enough from me - a phone call to make and a couple of lectures to listen to amid dinner preparation is ahead of me yet.  What's going on in your week?  If you post about your weekly menu let me know where!  I'd love a peek into your plans.


Left-Handed Housewife said...

Congratulations on your high marks! Clearly you're doing the work you need to be doing right now. It's hard, though, to put things we love to the side. But there will be time enough one day to stitch.

My week is mostly appointments and writing. I just got an edited draft back from my editor, so I'll be working hard to have a revision done by mid-summer.


Tracy said...

It seems you're doing the work you need to do right now too. My girls are always very excited when a new book of yours is there to be devoured! All your hours of writing and editing are loved and appreciated!

Anonymous said...

Hi tracey,

Ricotta fritters sounds yummy, I made some ricotta the other day and now looking for ways to use it up... any chance of the recipe?

Tracy said...

Thanks for popping by "Anonymous". I'll make a note to post the recipe soon.