Saturday, 22 May 2010

'Never Far From Home' by Mary Ellis

Rel has posted my review for Mary Ellis's 'Never Far From Home'. This sequel was equally as refreshing as the first book, so I happily delved in to a new visit with the Miller's. If you want to check out my review, click here.

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As you can see, Mr Busy and I are home from camp. Tired, but happy...each of us for different reasons. He, from lack of sleep. Me, from the emotional energy expended on all the little incidents of homesickness and "I'm not going up there". Rock climbing walls and way-up-in-the-trees flying foxes are always going to challenge 8-10yo's!

Despite all those little things, we all had a magnificent time together. My mind is filled with the successes we celebrated and the fun that our 'Shaun the Sheep' mascot had with us. That sheep was very busy, cheeky and entirely adventurous. He has come home with crusty, beige coloured wool on his previously white self.

As for me personally? I tried a number of things for the first time during the camp. My favourite thing was archery. It's not something I'd previously been inclined to, but it turns out to be quite fun. Even if you overshoot the target a time or two.

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