Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Hold That Thought

I have come across some very thought-provoking posts lately....and some very humbling and heart-warming ones. But you'll have to bear with me, until I'm able to spend some time constructing posts about them.

In the meantime, the picture above will give you some idea of the rest of this week. I'm at a two day seminar on Autism and Asperger' the city. Which means catching a train and following a map and walking around unfamiliar city streets and maybe getting lost and being 'concerned' that I'll get there on time and .... I was awake at 4am. Says it all really!

It feels very strange to be away from school for two days. It feels stranger still, to leave the transporting of children to and from school to someone else. Although I'm certain my husband will enjoy taking them. And I feel strangely protective of the three boys I work with who will have neither me, nor their teacher, in the classroom for two days. I know the CRT who will be with them will do a marvellous job and has all the skills and experience these three boys require. They'll have a ball and barely miss us, no doubt!

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Left-Handed Housewife said...

I find it strange, too, when I don't participate in the family's morning routine. It's this concentrated burst of energy every morning from 7-7:30--often the busiest part of my day!

I hope you enjoy the conference. I'm sure everyone at home misses you--it's good for them to have a chance to miss you from time to time!