Monday, 3 May 2010

Monday Menus: Week beginning 3 May

One of these days I'm going to remember to take my menu to work with me so I can post this during a release period I have after lunch. Alas, I am not so organised, and so this inevitably happens very late in the day. But happen it does, almost despite myself!

We all had a rather nice surprise at school today when we realised there was no staff meeting scheduled. I was somewhat disappointed...from the point of view that I'd actually remembered to take something for the kids to eat for afternoon tea and all my effort was wasted LOL. Rather than hang about all afternoon, Miss Mischief is delving into recipe books looking for 'J' food ~ to celebrate the return of a fellow student who has been on an extended holiday. Miss Sunshine wants to take something for her friends to share, for her birthday. I can see my kitchen going from a little untidy to a bombsite in the blink of an eye.

Now, on our table for this week you might find the following:
Monday: Maple chicken, vegies (Nigella Express)
Tuesday: Creamy bacon & mushroom pasta
Wednesday: Pork schnitzel with apple & celery, vegies
Thursday: Frittata and salad
Friday: Honey mustard drumsticks, vegies
Saturday: Lasanga (make double)
Sunday: Roast Chicken, vegies

I'm feeling like some of that might be a bit ambitious with a 2-day PD in the city thrown in to this mix. Not to mention a forced meal at Hungry Jacks (gag). I'm sticking with my plan to make lasagna, regardless.

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