Monday, 17 May 2010

Monday Menu: Week Beginning 17 May

Guess what I found on my front doorstep when I arrived home tonight? Yes, you guessed right! That package from College with my next group of subjects. Not only that, but the work that had been marked was also waiting for me. For those of you who joined me in praying for their arrival...THANK YOU! I received very positive comments about my work. The marker claimed it a pleasure to work through my written assessments. I also discovered that I don't have to do one of the four subjects in the next group. It is one I had done in my Cert 3, and so do not need to repeat it. Now that is good news! So....I'm all ready and set to go once dinner is over and the has been kitchen cleaned up.

This week is an unusual one on this side of my picket fence. Mr Busy and I are off on camp on Wednesday, so I've planned a combination of the girls doing some cooking and some already having been prepared. What not have to cook for 3 days. Mmmm...a girl could get used to that. Though it tends not to happen when one is most busy and pressed for time, does it!?!

Here is this week's plan:

Monday: Lasagna (make double)
Tuesday: Zucchini Slice, vegies with cheese sauce
Wednesday: Chicken & rice noodle stir fry
Thursday: leftover lasagna
Friday: Staff dinner @ school ~ kids out somewhere
Saturday: Soup?
Sunday: Roast chicken

Last week on a night I'd left unplanned we ended up having frozen chips, frozen vegies and frozen beef pastries which were a little like fancy sausage rolls. It was my answer to running out of time and food. I found myself really pondering the notion that the meal was very quick and easy, requiring nothing more than opening packets and throwing everything in the freezer and how attractive that was on a busy day. was not an enjoyable way to eat. I began to think on those days a way back when the kids were younger, when I'd trek out to the chicken factory in Lilydale and buy bulk fillets and pieces to prepare, ready for defrosting and cooking with no further preparation required. I really must look at doing something like that again. I'm not about to get any less busy anytime soon!


Left-Handed Housewife said...

First, congrats on the great feedback on your work. You've earned it!

Aside from frozen peas and beans, we don't do a lot of frozen foods here, but every once in awhile I'll heat up some frozen french fries (chips to you?) to go with meatloaf and think about other frozen fun we could be having. If only I could get my children to eat fish sticks!

I do like the idea of making lots of casseroles and such when you have time and then thawing them at a later date when you're too busy to cook. If only I could get that organized!


Joy McD said...

Hope you have a great time at camp! BTW I forgot to say I sent your little parcel last week, hope it arrives sometime :)



Tracy said...

Precisely, Frances. If only I could get that organised. LOL

Tracy said...

Precisely, Frances. If only I could get that organised. LOL