Monday, 19 January 2009

Summer Menu Monday

I think this week is all set to be the warmest week all summer, so far. We had a couple of hot days last week ~ we spent them at the mouth of the Betka River in Mallacoota (close to the NSW boarder). The younger kids frolicked in the river waters. The older teens and Dads body surfed in the ocean. It's the perfect beach for a group of families with such varying age ranges and swimming abilities to cater for. It was certainly much cooler on the beach than it was at the caravan park!

Today.....the day I have been waiting for, ever since we moved out of our house in the suburbs six years ago. Today we are having evaporative cooling installed. Thank you Mr Rudd! That lovely grant intended for spending on Christmas has been put to far better use. It will ensure comfort for our family on awful hot summer days. We will no longer need to run away from home to seek cooler buildings and I will be able to plan meals more sensibly without drooping at the thought of having a single gas jet on the cook top going for just 10 minutes.

So, what are we having for dinner on a week of warm days?!

Monday: (bbq) Lamb rissoles (garlic & rosemary), cubed potatoes, salad
Tuesday: Ricotta fritters, salad, potato wedges
Wednesday: Fish, potato wedges, salad
Thursday: Warm Chicken Salad, dinner rolls
Friday: Quiche, salad, garlic bread
Saturday: Char Kway Teow (Malaysian noddle dish)
Sunday: BBQ chicken wings & sausages, cubed potatoes, coleslaw

I have a freezer drawer full of fish. Dh & Mr V (whom we camped with) caught lots of Taylor, Gummy Shark and Flathead. It came to me cleaned, scaled and filleted :). There is nothing better than fresh fish. We'll use the Taylor first, because I prefer the gummy & flatty and those are fresher as well.

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