Saturday, 31 January 2009

Sizzling Saturday

Yes, it's hot again...but you know, we've had a cool change. It's only meant to be 37C today. Ridiculous! However, since we all think we're doing better the family have scattered about, spread between birthday parties, school working bees and novels. I am half way through my book club book, which I am certain will earn itself a review here.

Somehow or another my grocery shopping day seems to have shifted, so I will venture out shortly to get that done. We have friends coming for lunch tomorrow and I have in my possession a recipe for lemon raspberry trifle. So I have some preparation to do tonight. I'll test the recipe out before I post it, but if it's anything like what I tasted on Wednesday it will be worth the wait!

My dear husband was trying to invite these particular friends for dinner. I suppose since he's back at work he forgot about the first day of school looming there before the rest of us, so I insisted on lunch instead.

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