Sunday, 25 January 2009

Pure Bliss

The picture above is one I found at It is my absolutely most favourite breakfast ~ strawberry jam on toast....with lashings of real butter. that could just melt me right there!

Have you ever noticed that when you can't have something, it's the very thing that will drive you to distraction? I'm not eating a lot of wheat right now, so I really, really miss having a piece of homemade wholemeal bread, toasted and topped with butter and jam. *sigh* I really miss it. Yoghurt and fresh fruit...even beautiful aromatic stone fruits... just don't hold a candle to a piece of toast, for me.

So yesterday it dawned on me that I could come close. I had bought some gluten free flour, so I made half a batch of my pancake recipe and had pancakes with strawberry jam.

Oh the pure bliss and joy. Ashamedly I ate all four. Next time I'll make a whole batch of mixture and freeze what I don't eat for breakfast. And next time? It'll just be two at a time!


belinda said...

Hi Tracy,

Being put on a, with any luck, temporary gluten free diet as of 2 weeks ago yesterday I conquered bread for the first time. I simply couldn't cope with the prices of premade in the health food store.

The process was strange... the ingredients even stranger and well I haven't eaten bread that looks that white since I was 10 but subsiting on corn crackers for 2 weeks did mean something had to give.

Fortunately the recipe I was using had plenty of seeds in it so at least that bit seemed familiar.

I seem to remember you are pretty local to me.. if you are interested in having some gluten free flours and things to play with more "scratch" recipes just drop me a line at simply.belinda AT and we will see what we can do.

Kind Regards

Tracy said...

Fortunately I don't need to be completely gluten free ~ I think it's only wheat that is causing the problems. And even then I can have small amounts.

I don't envy the gluten free for you. That is really something to get your head around! Miss Sunshine had to go gluten free for a little bit, and then scale back to just wheat free. Oh my word, the mental gymnastics it required at first!

When I figure out exactly what I need to do, I'll let you know!

Dianne said...

I love pancakes with jam...any kind so I can understand your craving. It always seems to me that the minute you say your not going to eat a certain food that's what you start craving. I make a lot of homemade whole grain breads and I love them.

I'm sure that next time you stick with the plan but I'm glad you got to enjoy those pancakes this time.

Tracy said...

I will be able to enjoy those pancakes lots Dianne. The flour I used is not made from wheat, so I can use it without worry.