Monday, 26 January 2009

Menus on Monday - End of January!

Now tell me, how on earth did we get here already? Was it not just yesterday we were celebrating New Year's Eve? The end of January. Well. Here we go year...we're about to get on the merry-go-round!

This week has me returning to work after exactly 13 years of being at home. That feels very strange to say. Firstly because it's hard to consider what I will be doing 'work'. I love being at school! Secondly because I never imagined I would be one to step out of my completely SAHM role to have a job. But what a job. I didn't apply....I had no interview process to go through. It just happened. I'm very relieved to have skipped the scary stuff!

So this week of firsts and very hot days (it's meant to be 39C on Wednesday) has a menu that looks like:

Monday: Don't know ~ we'll be at Mum's
Tuesday: Fish, garden salad, potato salad
Wednesday: Honey Mustard Chicken, salad
Thursday: Dinner with BIL (he's visiting from the US). I'm waiting to see if the 'boys' and their families are coming here for dinner, or we're going to a restaurant.
Friday: Vegetable Patties, salad, potato wedges
Saturday: Homemade Pizza (pineapple & bacon; onion, garlic & potato)
Sunday: Baked Gnocchi with Roast Tomato Sauce

I do believe that Saturday and Sunday will be ushered in with a flurry of other kitchen activities that will include baking for lunch box snacks and making sure there is fresh bread for school lunch sandwiches. Not to mention digging out lunch boxes and ensuring the little ice packs are all in the freezer. We now have a set of 6 so that they can be in constant rotation. Forgetting to refreeze them in the evening will not result in disaster the next day!



Kez said...

Wow, good luck starting back at work! I hope you have fun :)

Tracy said...

Thanks Kez. I know I'll have fun. Our teachers are an amazingly wonderful bunch of people for whom I have a great deal of respect.

Left-Handed Housewife said...

Good luck at work! How many hours will you be working? Do you have to dress up? That's the beautiful thing about being a writer--I get to work i n my jammies! Anyway, I hope you have a great time--and I'm glad you got to skip the interview!


Tracy said...

I know nothing about hours, pay or timetable yet Frances. There are no staff who know available til Wednesday!! We'll sort it out then.

I can't stay in my pj's all day tho. I'm an up and at 'em kind of person.

Jodie said...

Congrats on the job! What will you be doing? Did it come out of the blue or have you known for a while?

Tracy said...

I'll be working in yr 3 & maybe yr 7 as a teacher's assistant. So working one on one with a particular student in withdrawal from class, or supervising group with that child in it. Basically what I was doing as a Parent Helper.

I've known the possibility was there for quite some months. The Head of Primary mentioned the school leadership had been discussing it.