Wednesday, 28 January 2009

My First Day...

...Went very well. I came home early, seeing as how Primary & Secondary staff were off to section meetings that really had nothing to do with me! I have a little bit more to go on now, but the timetable hasn't been set in concrete yet so all these things will be finalised by early next week. At least I know what classes I'll be in and I know that I'll still have time to help in Miss Mischief's class as well :)

I get to enjoy the first day of school, as a parent. And it sounds like they're happy for me to request Thursday morning off.

Tell you what's pretty darn hot out there. Some of the secondary classrooms have air conditioning, so that's where we were meeting. On a day where it is currently 42.5C I'm glad to come home in a nice cool house. Praise the Lord for wonderful blessings!


Rel said...

Great to hear, Trac :)

Here's to some more hot day :(

Left-Handed Housewife said...

Have they given you a raise yet?

It sounds like your job is very much like you were doing before as a volunteer. How nice to get paid for it!


Tracy said...

Well...I have yet to figure out exactly how the pay rate works LOL.

It is very much that they pay me for what I was already doing. Mr Busy's 2008 teacher reckons that's a bad deal for the school cos they got so much of my time for free....but they have funding for this position so they've gotta pay someone for it!