Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Upcoming Jane Austen Season

For those Jane Austen fans...book, movie, either or both.... If you live in Australia, ABC1 is showing 'Emma' on Sunday night at 8.30pm.

I went to see 'The Jane Austen Book Club' with three gorgeous friends not so long ago, so I KNOW they'll be interested to know that Jane Austen Season is upon us and will last four weeks! If I read this site correctly the ABC website correctly, it seems that 'Persuasion', 'Northanger Abbey' and 'Mansfield Park' are on the itinerary.

Apparently there is more to the ABC than ABC Kids, 'The Cook & the Chef' and 'Scrapheap Challenge'!!! Who knew?!


Dianne said...

We watched a film adapted from Jane Austen's book , "Pride and Prejudice" the other night. I loved that movie. I was also able to get a book the other day of all her novels in one book for only $12.95. A real bargain and I can't wait to read all her stories.

Maybe some of these other films will be shown on PBS over here in the US. I hope so!

Fi said...

I am doing a 'happy dance' right now!!! Thanks Tracy, I never check the ABC(or any guide for that matter) so I would have been completely unaware. I will be glued to my screen this Sunday night. Yay, I can't wait!

Tracy said...

ABC isn't high on my viewing list either Fi ~ I figured you'd want to know about this! I'm going to have to tape it ~ my hubby just won't bend on the CSI thing, but that's OK. That's what Wednesday's are for!!!!

Vickie said...

Oh yes I just soo enjoy watching the cook and da chef and they have some interesting variations,ABC2 gets a beating in this house...I won't be able to stay awake too watch it sun night but my DH will record it for me arhhh,
cheers Vickie

The Tin House said...

I'll be there with my slippers and gown...all the while pretending to sport an empire line dress hand embroidered by the fire! "Miss Elizabeth, come join me for a turn around the room. It's so refreshing"

Tracy said...

LOL Lisa. I never did understand what was so refreshing about walking around in circles :)