Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Being Busy Has Its Payoff's.

I decided, on Monday, that there are many more blessings and privileges associated with the vast amount of time I spend at school, than what I miss out on, by doing other things (including the housework!).

On Monday, all our Prep-Year 2's (a whopping 45 kids!!!) had their devotion time together, allowing Mr Busy's teacher some preparation time she needed. I had the awesome blessing of watching all those little ones singing about how important God is in our day to day lives.

I spend at least 8 hours a week at school, helping in the classrooms that my children are in. Sure there are some weeks where I would be delighted to have the time at home (like the week I was on school camp with the girls!), but I believe that my time at school is a worthwhile investment. An investment in my children. An investment in supporting the teachers who put everything they have into educating MY children. An investment into the school community that we will be a part of for the next 10.5 years.

I don't have the wherewithal to educate my children at home. It's not a lifestyle that suits us. But my children's education is nonetheless very important to me, and indeed, my responsibility. I have developed some very precious relationships with teachers in our school because of my commitment to being in their classrooms. I am also able to have a keen understanding of where my kids are at, academically, and with the children they spend their time with. I think I get the best of both worlds!

We also have a school culture that encourages and enables parents to have as much input into the school as they want to have. What a blessing that is, to parents who want to be involved in what their kids are doing!


Terri & Crew said...

Tracy, I homeschool our children now but even when they were in school, I always worked or volunteered where they were. I love being a part of my children's education no matter where they are educated. You are certainly blessed to be able to do this!

Dianne said...

I agree with you l00%, Tracy. What you are doing is so important and believe it or not your housework will always be there but your children and their education is for such a short time.

You have the right perspective on what is important and what is not. Keep up the good work. God will bless you for it and so will your children!

Sorry for having been away for so long. My yard sale took a lot of time and effort and then there is the catch up game both and home and in the blogging world.

I enjoyed reading your post today!

The Tin House said...

Tracy, it's a huge commitment and a joy to read how you're seeing the pay off in the lives of your children. Since being in the blogworld, I've found so many homeschoolers that at times I've felt guilty about never having pursued this option, but I think I'm like you in that it's a lifestyle choice that wouldn't be the right one for us right now.
Lisa x (p.s. I'm having a raffle over at my blog if you want to obtain a virtual ticket!)