Monday, 12 May 2008

Menu Plan Monday


I feel like I'm posting this very late in the day ~ that would give you some idea how much time I didn't spend at home!!!

Monday: Lasagna and garlic bread, choc SS pudding for dessert (Mr Busy's birthday choices)
Tuesday: Ricotta Gnocchi with tomato pesto (or just tomato sauce!)
Wednesday: Moussaka & vegies (aka Mouse Meat)
Thursday: Chicken with Dates & Honey, brown rice, steamed carrots & broccoli
Friday: Pasta with vegetable sauce
Saturday: I'm out ~ everyone else will have some l/o frozen vegetarian lasagna
Sunday: Lamb Roast, vegies

For the Aussie gals who visit, I've just done my grocery shopping and spent just under $100 on this weeks bill. So for those of you trying for a more budget friendly menu for your family, this week's menu might just be that much more appealing in ideas for you ;-)

Now a couple of blog-keeping bits & pieces...

Rel suggested to me that I should post all my recipes, not just the menu! If anyone wants a recipe I am only too happy to post them for you so leave a comment and let me know. If I find this becomes a popular request I may consider a separate recipe blog to link to. We'll see.

Another good friend told me she would love to leave a comment and couldn't. You should be able to now. If I discover problems I'll reset to blogger & open ID's only, again.


Anonymous said...

That menu sounds yummy. Well done on going under $100 too. I don't think I could do that too often as my 14 year old son inhales food and my 11 year old daughter is getting very hungry too.

Kate xxx

Anonymous said...

The menu sounds great. I would love to make the Chicken with dates and honey if you have time to put up the recipe. It's good to be able to shop 'cheaply' and still be able to cook delicious meals that are good for your family too.

Tracy said...

Kate, my children are very food-motivated individuals. Granted, my son is yet to hit the teens, but I promise you Miss Sunshine eats more than I do.

Homemade bread and popcorn go a long way to filling up hollow legs!

Fi said...

Hi Tracy, I am very excited to be able to leave a comment. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

$100, I am very impressed!! The lowest I have managed with our five kids is $140. I must get with you and pick your brains on this, I am always looking for new ideas on cutting the grocery bill. I second the popcorn, such a healthy and cost effective snack!

Tracy said...

Well...I couldn't leave you out in the cold, now, could I?!

I'm thinking $140 is probably quite reasonable...more than reasonable! Your boys aren't small, after all.