Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Odd Tummy Bug

I seem to have picked up some kind of tummy bug. I don't make a good patient I'm afraid, as I rarely get sick. So I had Dh, Miss Mischief & Mr Busy making their own dinner last night ~ see, I told you that creamy pasta meal was easy peasy! I hid under a quilt trying to avoid the onion smell!!!! I won't go into details, but by the time I went to bed I did feel a little better ~ you can use your imagination to figure that one out. I just hope the kids at school don't get it too. I spent all morning in the 5/6 classrooms.

Today is my day at home, and so I will be just napping and taking it easy before I have a Quilting Class to go to tonight. I'm determined to have nothing wrong with me by then. A bit of rest and a lot of prayer goes a long way, after all.


Gypsy Quilter said...

Feeling yucko is never fun. Sure hope the rest of your family stays well.

Tracy said...

Thank you for your kind thoughts, Gypsy Quilter. So far so good. I did keep my germs to myself as much as possible, and bleached my ensuite each time I used it, so that dh would remain well.

So far so good!