Thursday, 22 May 2008

A Flurry of Activity

It's been a very busy couple of days Beyond My Picket Fence. No one would see the flurry by passing by our front gate ~ from the outside it's the swan on top of the lake. Behind the door, however, it's been mad paddling for all I'm worth!

I spent yesterday finished the Primary Curriculum documents at school. I got my carpets vacuumed (and the vacuum unclogged....KIDS!). Mum arrived while I was picking up kids so we swung home to grab her and go to the op shop.

You know those last minute " child needs a costume for a dress up day at school tomorrow" days? Yeah...that! I bought white lacey doona cover to make a long old fashioned looking skirt, and two shawls for the girls to end their Australia: The Early Years general studies unit. I never got to see them dressed up though :(

The reason for that....I was out the door before 7.30am (hence Mum coming to stay ~ she had to get back in the Mum-saddle!). I am now officially a trained Facilitator with Focus on the Family. That doesn't make me an expert in anything beyond my own just means they're happy for me to run one of their parenting programs, and I am very excited to get going with it now. Apart from the odd bit of nervousness and my abilities and my panic attacks about the DVD situation at church!!!!!

So, if you were wondering where on earth I went, that's where. Everything yesterday was a 'timing issue' and this was one of those things that wasn't absolutely necessary. Right now dh has gone back to the shop and Mum has the children at their Thursday night activities (again, the reason she's back in the Mum-Saddle).

I am so incredibly grateful that my Mum was so willing to offer to come and help us out with today. I didn't even bother to wonder how things were going at home because I knew that Dh could just do his normal thing and I knew that Mum knows what we normally do on a Thursday night and what our routine is. She's an absolute gem of a woman in every way.


Amelia said...

the op shop is good for everything! do you know about Melbourne's collaborative op shopping blog 'I op therefore I am'

there are links there to maps and addresses of Melbourne's op shops. let me know if you are interested in joining.

regards, Amelia

Fi said...

Tracy, you are truly blessed!!! I hope you have the chance to put your feet up and take a deep breath.

As far as the parenting program goes, you will do great!!!

Tina said...

YAY for Mums! (you sound so busy right now Tracy...phew!)

Love, Tina :)

Tracy said...

Thanks Amelia ~ I will have a squiz. It sounds very interesting for a devoted Op Shopper like me!

Yes Fi, I am very blessed. And I am fully aware how much, given that my parents have spent a goodly portion of my parenthood so far away that they weren't able to be here to do stuff like Thursday.

It's a good kind of busy Tina. The kind that leaves you satisfied and fulfilled at the end of a day.

Dianne said...

I love your tribute to your Mum!! It is wonderful to hear people praising their mothers and for mothers willing to help their daughters when needed! Sounds like you have the perfect solution for those very busy days that come along all too often.

Thanks for sharing this, Tracy. Oh by the way, my youngest daughter is also named Tracy and spelled the same as yours.


Tracy said...

How amazing is that?! I don't know many Tracy's spelled the same way as mine ~ except for those with blogs of course.