Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Who would you invite to dinner?

I think I might be a creepy stalker kind of person.  In the way that the internet lets ordinary people kind of stalk famous people without them knowing that we've decided they are our best friends.  Now, don't tell me I'm no alone here!!!  I am probably one of the less scary versions of this kind of stalker, because I don't have Facebook or Instagram or Twitter or any of the other thousands of social media thingys people use these days.  But some of my favourite famous people have websites and blogs and Facebook, and they write almost daily and let you into their lives a little bit.  And, for social media avoiders like me, they make stuff public.

But like I said, these people don't know that they would be my best friends in real life, and best friends have meals together around their tables.  They laugh and cry together, and share life and groan about housework.  Isn't it funny how the internet lets you do a little bit of those things without ever meeting someone?

So, my favourite famous people?  The people I would love to spend a few hours around my table with good food and lots of fun?

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Jen Hatmaker:  Because this woman is hilariously funny and very real.  She asks hard questions about the church and thinks deeply about faith - walks what she talks.  She does her stuff with God in the Word.  I'm learning that I work the same way.  And she's so funny (did I say that already?).

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Shauna Niequist:  Shauna is more than a handful of years behind me in age, but she carries this incredible wisdom that I just want to soak up.  She is a truth-speaking story teller and the minute I have a regular income again I am ordering all her books.  She speaks of the sacredness of living life around the table and how sharing our stories deepens our faith.

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Shiela Walsh:  Another incredibly funny woman, with a dry sense of humour that I totally get.  She has an incredible story and is an amazing story-teller.  Again, faith is her grounding and she just oozes warmth and wisdom.

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Ann Voskamp:  Another profound storyteller, homeschooling mother of five.  She also has an amazing story, and with five kids no doubt has a great sense of humour.  But this woman lives in the moment with deliberate intention in her faith that I just want to soak in and become.

I think I would put Jen and Shauna in charge of food because they are complete foodies, and I need their inspiration.  Desperately.  I want to return to my foody ways and I'm having a little trouble getting back there.  And then I can only begin to imagine what an evening, or a whole day….or well, let's just go all out shall we?  a whole weekend retreat.  We would talk and laugh and eat and talk some more about absolutely everything that is important, and probably a whole bunch of stuff that isn't so much.

If you could have dinner with a favourite someone, or a group of someone's who are famous who would you choose?


Jayne M said...

I feel that way about blogs! I sometimes wonder whether people think I am being a bit weird and stalking them when I comment on their blogs lots! But sometimes I just seem to have a connection with someone's blog and then I feel like they are my 'friend'. Ok, hopefully that isn't just me?!
I guess that is what blogs are for though - to connect with other like-minded people.
I will have to think about my dinner guests - you know, it would probably be bloggers!

Veggie Mama said...

Oh Jen is so great! I'll never forget her limping toward the end of school term post. So funny.

I actually answered this once, in a post i wrote. I came up with basically the total opposite of the people you picked!

Haidee@Maybe Baby Brothers said...

Mine is completely random but Jon Bon Jovi for sure! He's been my favourite celebrity since I was a little girl and heard You Give Love A Bad Name for the first time. I'd probably need to invite a celebrity chef to cook too though! Haha.

Renee Wilson said...

Oh I'm a huge cyber stalker, well you know what I mean :) I don't know who I would narrow a dinner date down to though. There are way too many to choose from. #teamIBOT

Nancy McCarroll said...

Guess I never really gave it much thought, but YOU are one that I keep up with, although you would never know that because I do not comment very much. Anyway, this was a fun pot and now you know I'm stalking you😇

Tracy said...

No Jayne, you're not alone!

Veggie Mamma, now I'm curious…I'll have to go reading back through your posts to find out!

Haidee, that would be an interesting dinner! And for famous chefs….hmmm. Nigella Lawson, Matt Moran, the Aussie Masterchef guys….so many choices!

Renee, maybe you need a few dinners to catch them all.

Nancy, I consider it an honour to be worthy of being stalked! Especially by someone like you. :)