Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Operation Freezer Stash Is Go

I have plans in the works to spend a day with my sister-in-law (also a teacher, also works full time, also a mum) to get our freezers all stocked up and prepared for the school term ahead.  But being the driven, overachieving type I've already begun my quest for a well-stocked, family-protecting freezer.

My biggest issues around meals and motivation is the preparation.  Well, besides coming up with the ideas, and shopping, and putting everything away, and then figuring out that the meal I had planned needs to be switched a bit and getting it done.  I just still don't get it - these unreasonable people need to be fed every day.  Every.  Day.  On my worst days I think just once a day would be fine, but no.   Mr Busy has even told me it's illegal not to feed children, to which I responded that the law only tells me I have to (not neglect them, you know), not how often.  Our GP laughed at that and agreed that I was right.  There was no stipulation for how often.  So once a day then, right?  Secretly though?  I get hungry too.  Darn!

The other night when I went to buy chicken thighs for dinner I did something brilliant.  I bought three bags of thighs (from Aldi) and did the preparation - we ate one meal and I froze two more.  All prepared and in the marinade.  All that is left to be done is defrost and throw in the oven.  My kind of busy-day cooking!  Last night I was bread crumbing chicken fillets.  I made four fillets go two meals for the five of us by slicing off the tenderloin and then placing the fillet flat on the bench and slicing horizontally - two full-sized half fillets just like that.  Once prepared, those were flash frozen and bagged.  Again, nothing to do but defrost and cook.

Kicking goals all over the place!  So far I have two Forbidden City Chicken's, one chicken schnitzel, one homemade pizza dough and sauce and....I think that's it.  But I'm on my way!


Fabulousandfunlife said...

Great idea! I'm not normally organised enough to freeze dinners in advance but might try it! I did have the goal of using these school holidays to make and freeze ahead some items for the kids lunch boxes such as mini quiches and muffins etc.

stephanie @ stephsjoy said...

Great thinking & super organised that's what you are. I'm working on eating all that we have in the freezer at the moment..

Rebecca Bowyer said...

Yep, freezer stocking is a definite must! We always make a double batch of spaghetti. With extra pasta and grated veggies I can stretch it to three meals for the four of us - two to eat during the week and one to freeze for emergencies! #TeamIBOT

Joolz said...

I cant say I have tried these recipes but they look good. Lots of other sites like this on line...


Cheers - Joolz xx

Left-Handed Housewife said...

If I were working full-time outside of the house, I would definitely be freezing meals. The worst thing in the world is coming home tired after working and still having to figure something out for dinner.

I'm in a cooking mood right now, but maybe I should freeze up some dinners for those nights when I'm not.


Joolz said...

I found some more!


- Joolz xx