Saturday, 13 June 2015

Saturday Night - Pizza Night

We have reached new heights in homemade pizza making.  Or maybe real pizza dough and homemade sauce is just always going to be so much better than pita bread pizzas?

I used this pizza dough recipe (scroll down to the 'favourite' recipe), with semolina in it.  And I used Jen Hatmaker's House Sauce recipe for the tomato base.  And then I obediently followed Jen's instructions and froze half the dough and half the sauce.  Voila.  Pizza for another night, because I do not hate myself.

Actually, tonight saw quite a number of 'new' adventures in pizza-making here.  Jen suggested using basil pesto under the tomato sauce.  She was right.  Absolute winner (unless you have a child allergic to nuts, and then you need to do one without the pesto).  Usually I do a bacon and pineapple pizza and a potato, garlic and onion pizza.  Don't ask - it's Miss Mischief's Year 2 teacher's fault.  In any case Miss Mischief wasn't in for dinner and Miss Sunshine was at work so we got pesto and not-potato pizza!  I also didn't have any tinned pineapple.  But I did have red capsicum, mushrooms and zucchini.  I grilled and peeled the capsicum, sliced the mushrooms and used my mandolin slicer to do the zucchini in ribbons.  That was it.  Three veggie pizza with pesto and tomato sauce on the base, and mozzarella cheese.

Soooo good.

And dough and tomato sauce for another night.  I am a winner tonight folks!

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