Thursday, 11 June 2015

New Lemon Season Ahead

I tried out a new recipe last night, which required lemons.  I picked my way through wet grass and growing, lush lawn weeds out to the very back corner where our productive little lemon tree resides.  Wouldn't you know it, there are new-season lemons deep in the foliage, near the bottom of the tree.

Hold on to your hats, people, in no short amount of time that tree will be weary with the burden of holding all the fruit it bears!

They're not super ripe yet, but they were good enough to try out this recipe.  Since I needed to pop into Aldi to pick up the chicken and beans I also snatched up, as I passed by, a pack of chocolate chip brioche buns.  And those become the best bread-and-butter pudding I've had in a long while.

Before we even got to dessert, however, we three girls got texts from my SIL - a new Tim Tam flavour is out.  Three Bean….coffee, vanilla, cocoa.

Tira Misu, or Chocolate Coated Coffee Beans, in a biscuit.  YUM


Jayne M said...

The lemon chicken recipe looks yummy. Our tree is absolutely laden, so lots of lemon cooking in my future!
Please so not tempt me with that new variety of Tim Tam! I would never have known it was out there as I avoid that aisle; but now that I know, I HAVE to try it! Sounds divine!

Tracy said...

I NEVER buy tim tams, but one cannot control the whims and wallets of 19 year old's. She and my SIL have conspired to corrupt us all.

But it was delicious.

Nancy McCarroll said...

Yum. We don't get those in the States. Give us that recipe for your pudding?