Friday, 5 June 2015

Lazy Friday School Lunch

Reasons why some mothers (i.e. me) would pop out to one of the five bakeries and pick up something special for the two who still go to school:

  • It's Friday.
  • Miss Mischief is handing in her 93-page folio (A3 sized pages of trials, photos of trials, all annotated by hand).
  • Miss Mischief also has an English Lit SAC this morning.
  • Mr Busy's jumpers are too small or need washing.
  • Making another chicken and salad wrap seemed cruel on such a cold morning.
  • It's winter.
  • $4.80 is way cheaper than the $10 it would cost if we bought food from the school tuck shop.
The two who are still at school feel spoilt when they come out in the morning to find this is their lunch. I feel spoilt because I didn't make it.

One thing that has always amused me, however, is the number of bakeries in our town.  We have five, if you include Safeway.  Five bakeries for a town of 3,500 people.  I learnt a thing or two the other day about picking the right bakery.  The bakery I used to go to first thing in the morning would sell out of these types of rolls really quickly so I would be out the door at 6.30am and still not necessarily score what I wanted.  The bakery closest to Safeway, however, has these easily available well after 7am (much more sane!).  This morning I got there are 7.30am and their rolls had only just come out of the oven, so there were plenty and a greater variety of fillings to choose from.  The second bakery is now my go-to choice for an early morning trip for a lunch treat.

How do you treat your kids on days when you can't be bothered making lunches?

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Jayne M said...

I do that occasionally as well. It is funny how they are SO excited and think it is the best thing ever!
My Year 12 girl has her practice English exam this morning. Isn't it a fun year?! She seems to have SACs on nearly every day - it is just non-stop.
I am wondering where you live, that has that many bakeries for such a small population? My hubby would want to move there immediately! He has a real love of bakeries! I am in Hamilton, Vic.(Of course, only if you want to say where - don't mean to pry! There just are not all that many Aussies I come across blogging!)