Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Yesterday's Excitement

We had quite a bit of excitement around here yesterday, considering it was a 'boring' day at home.  Again!

We were sitting peacefully watching the last few episodes of the last season of Little House on the Prairie when it sounded like a huge wind hit the house and then it shook.  And shook.  And shook some more.  For about 40 seconds  Not violently.  Just enough for us to pause the DVD and go "wow....feel that!".  Melbourne is not known for having earthquakes so it's quite exciting when they happen.  This was only a baby at about 4 on the Richter scale.  I'm sure the ones I felt as a kid in PNG were stronger....and often longer.  We got another tiny one after dinner as well.  It always sounds like a truck is barrelling through the house, which of course there never is.  Thankfully.

In the afternoon the excitement was mine alone and the kids were left pondering again if their mother has a few screws loose.  I peered out the laundry window with all the wind and rain that was flying about and saw the poor little lemon tree out there in it all.  What do you know, that thing is full of little yellow orbs just waiting for us to find things to do with them.  Miss Sunshine wanted to run right out and pick them all.  Firstly it was pelting with rain so no one was going out there.  And secondly I had to explain that you only pick as you need, otherwise the lemons go off sitting on the bench or in the fridge.


nolene said...

I will have to go and take a wander down the yard and see if my lemon tree has something to give! I can't actually see it from the kitchen window so will have to brave the mud at the bottom of the garden but it may just well be worth it!

Left-Handed Housewife said...

Earthquake! My goodness, you sound so calm about it!

Lemons! Oh, I wish we could grow lemons here. The good news is, we can grow figs, and they're ripening on the branches as we speak. Still, I love lemons and lemon-flavored things. You're a lucky girl!


Tracy said...

Well worth a trip I think, Nolene.

Frances, I am calm about earthquakes because I grew up with them and have never experienced the devastation such as they have in Christchurch. So it's easy to be calm.

I love my little lemon tree. I love figs perfect to have both!!! Grilled figs with marscapone cheese and some honey or maple syrup....mmmmmm.

Left-Handed Housewife said...

I've never tried grilling figs--what a wonderful idea!


Tracy said...

Oh, you haven't lived!!!!!!