Friday, 1 July 2011

The End

Today marks the end.  Of professional experience.  Of Term 2.  Of my Uni semester...once and for all.

I have one lesson to teach today ~ a consolidation of a maths lesson I taught on Wednesday.  I'm really looking forward to it.  I think it will be fun.  And 45 minutes later school will be over and there are plans to relax before heading off for the holidays....and for me, to pick up my own children who finish an hour later.  You've always wondered why private schools seem to get more holidays?  We actually have slightly longer days and finish the term at normal time.  It all ends up even at the end.

I'm looking forward to the school holidays this term.  Not a scrap of study to be done.  Just lots of time to spend with friends and family.  Lots of time to ponder some cooking adventures and then to put those thoughts into practice.  Time to read.  Time to visit Costco again.  Time to just be.

And time to make a list of all the things I want and need to do during Work Break in two weeks' time!

On a completely different note, I just googled something and discovered that today is Dorothea Makellar's 126th birthday (it came up as the header on google).  Incidentally last night I was in Big W and couldn't resist buying a beautiful hardcover copy of 'My Country'.  We all adore the poem.  My Busy particularly, as he studied it in Year 3.  I also couldn't resist "There Was an Old Man Who Swallowed a Chook".  With truly Aussie humour, it really appealed to me.  I'm hoping to get a chance to read it to the P-2's today.  I know the Prep's at my school will love it.  I believe this is called building up my 'professional library'!

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