Saturday, 2 July 2011


We celebrated last night, with one of my brothers and his little family.  End of term, great reports for the four students of the house and just happy for a change of pace to be upon us.  My SIL is also a teacher so she was more than happy to celebrate with us!  I cooked dinner, they brought dessert and we were entertained by the going's-on of little people at the dinner table again.

I'm told my youngest niece has declared me 'favourite aunt'.  How gorgeously special is that?!

Now that the hullaballoo has settled, however, perhaps some house-cleaning and baking might have to be the focus.  And since we're meant to have some sunshine here and there again today, perhaps some rose-pruning might not go astray either.  We were overseas this time last year, enjoying a Colorado Springs the pruning never got done.  Poor roses.

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