Thursday, 7 July 2011

A Girl-ish Kind of Day

The 'boys' in our house headed into the city today to enjoy a bit of blokey time around cars.  Us girls are not so into such things.  Instead, my Mum came down from the country to spend the better part of the day with us.  So we chatted and had lunch, and chatted....and chatted.  And then we took her back to the train station.  And it was nice and quiet and relaxed all day.  None of the boyish energy that is generated around our house most of the time.  It's amazing how much quieter it is without Mr Busy!  He's so fast.  And loud.  And always running...even when he says he's walking.

Miss Mischief has taken over my kitchen to make what is basically an ANZAC biscuit recipe as a slice.  The recipe is posted here.  After having a luscious pumpkin and sweet potato soup for lunch we'll be feeling a little spoiled for the day I suspect.

Meanwhile, I have been doing some really intensive dusting, fighting to unclog the vacuum.  It does this regularly because of a poor design feature.  And we've been watching the winter storms pass by our windows whilst we have remained inside enjoying the warmth of a good heater!  As I dusted my thimble collection I was reminded how this time last year we had just returned from visiting the Denver Zoo and the Museum.  'Tomorrow' we visited the US Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs.  Such a beautiful and perfect summer we enjoyed!!!


Left-Handed Housewife said...

Sounds like a lovely day. The only time girl energy overtakes boy energy here is when my book group meets at my house. Otherwise, the boys win!


Tracy said...

You gotta love 'em though Frances. Life is almost too quiet when they're gone for long. I bet your book group is like a little haven at your place ;0)