Monday, 4 July 2011

Monday Menu Plan: Week Beginning 4 July

Apart from this week's menu plan I have some very exciting blogging foodie news. was exciting for me.  Once upon a very long time ago....say, 10-15 years....there was a site called 'Steph's Country Kitchen Goodness'.  It was absolutely filled to the brim with really good, tasty recipes.  They weren't fussy, but they were tried and tested by a family and our family ate often from Steph's vast repertoire.  One day her site just disappeared.  You can still access some of it here at the Way Back Machine archive site.  Today, however, I randomly decided to google the original site name and discovered that Steph's Country Kitchen is back in blog form.  Oh happy day!

All of that was in aid of the fact that I needed some inspiration for my own menu plan today....and wondered if I could dig up Steph's seasonal menu plans, because they always inspired me all those years ago.  That...and my freezer is full of beautiful organic beef and I need some help with what to do with it all!  I need some room in my freezer for other things.  Like bread.  And chicken, occasionally.  I'm also planning another trip to Costco with my brother and his wife at the end of my school holidays, so some of that beef needs eating.

Monday:  Beef Casserole, rice
Tuesday:  Frittata, salad, baked potato
Wednesday:  Beef stir fry, rice
Thursday:  Honey & lemon chicken, vegies
Friday: Beef Shepherd's Pie, vegies
Saturday:  Tomato soup, english muffin pizzas
Sunday:  Crockpot pot roast, vegies

We'll be all beefed out by the end of this week!

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