Saturday, 25 December 2010

The List Complete: A Pictorial Tick-Off

I completed my list, all bar the cleaning in fine time yesterday. I even had an hour to sit and have a cuppa with a friend before spending the evening with my friend Rel's family and a couple of other friends as well. I can tell you, I was happy to sit!!!!

Let's see what I managed to do!

Two chickens, deboned and stuffed and all ready for the oven.  One has cranberry and lemon thyme, and one has apricot and parsley.

Stuffed Pork Roast
Here is the pork, stuffed and ready for the oven as well. This one is filled with cherry and bacon, with both lemon thyme and parsley within. Yum..can't wait.

'Granny' Pav
A pavlova was the last thing into the oven, as it then sat to cool when its cooking time was done. I'm pretty sure my Granny, from whence the recipe comes, would indeed be proud that her mantle has been passed on successfully. And the rest of the family will continue to indulge with great enthusiasm and deligh.. This will be filled with lemon curd cream and topped with sliced stawberries.

Meat for the Freezer
Meat was prepared in various marinades and placed in the freezer.

A Mountain of Biscuits
I also baked two double batches of biscuits. Dh is home for a few weeks' holiday now, so having extra things to nibble on always helps avoid the demands that come out when hungry people can't just dip their hand into some vessel holding something delicious.

There you have it.  A very productive day spent in the kitchen!

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Rel said...

Very impressive!

Hope you had a fabulous day yesterday enjoying your yummy food.

Christmas Eve with you was delightful :)