Friday, 24 December 2010

Christmas Eve and the Long To-Do List

Can you believe that we've reach Christmas Eve already?  Again?!  I'd had such plans for a sedate week at home and thought I'd be all serene and calm today.  Rather, I've woken and decided a list must be made if I'm to stay sane!  Actually, I think it's not going to be so bad....but I need that list to keep my head on straight.  You know how it is ~ things fall out of your brain when you try to keep too much in there at once. list:
  • debone & stuff two chickens and pork roast; roast them
  • make double batches of choc chip bikkies and gingerbread
  • make a pavlova
  • prepare meat for the next week to freeze in marinades and such
  • prepare for a BBQ dinner with friends
  • clean the bathroom and sweep floors
  • finish wrapping presents
The first half needs to be done this morning!  Just as well I'm an early riser.

Our Christmas Eve always ends with children in bed, presents and Christmas stockings placed under a glittering tree and a cup of tea whilst watching Carols by Candlelight.


Left-Handed Housewife said...

Your Christmas Eve day list looks like mine (though I'm about 12 hours away from having to get to it). I have a dream that my house will be, if not spotless, then very clean and tidy before Christmas day. I'm almost there ... but not quite. And somehow the list keeps growing.

Tracy, have a very merry Christmas! Can't wait to hear about all the reading you get done!


Joy McD said...

Merry Christmas Tracy!!! Have a lovely day!
Joy & gang