Wednesday, 1 December 2010

In Mourning for my Vegie Garden

I made a firm decision just recently.  I decided that I cannot put time and effort into a vegie garden.  Not this year, and not next year either.  Indeed, possibly not until I have finished my degree.  Between work and Uni, I think my cup will be running over without adding to the things that need to be tended to at home.  I'd rather spend my time at home with my family, than worrying over the garden.  We still have our lemon tree, and the rhubarb plant dies off and regenerates every year without us being involved.  That will have to do.

You know what I'm going to miss the most?  Homegrown tomatoes.  I love the joy of eating something freshly picked from the garden and knowing I grew it myself.  But homegrown tomatoes bring with them an added measure of joy.  They are sweet and flavourful, never refrigerated and eaten in abundance in salads.  Mr Busy loves a little boxful of cherry tomatoes in his lunch box.  And it's not problem ~ there are plenty during the height of the season.  My favourite thing though, is sliced tomatoes with basil and bocconcini.  Mmmmm, now there's a summer treat!

So I'm feeling a little mournful over the thought of missing out on that summer pleasure.  If you're growing summer vegies this year, have a tomato and think of me!


Left-Handed Housewife said...

I'm so sorry to hear you'll have to give up your garden! Any way you can at least keep the tomatoes? They're my favorite part of summer.


p.s. I'm back!

Sharon said...

Hi Tracy,
Thanks for leaving a lovely comment on my new blog. I have been following your blog for a couple of years now, just checking in regularly not as a "follower". So sorry to hear you need to give up your vegie patch, they are alot of fun, not to mention healthy and delicious produce. You leave me in awe the way you have so many things going on in your life and the amount you get accomplished. Puts me to shame. Your cooking and how organized you are with meals is a real credit to you.
Take care
p.s. your rhubarb muffins are my most favourite muffin ever. Very popular in this house. Thank you!

Tracy said...

I wondered if I could Frances, but I think I'd end up killing them!

Sharon I'm glad you finally came out of hiding!!! I'm looking forward to learning more about you via your blog. Exciting days!

belinda said...

Hi Tracy,

Certainly understand about the need for prioritisation there truly are only so many hours in the day. I hope you are blessed with friends who can pass a little home grown goodness your way.

Kind Regards