Thursday, 16 December 2010

Endings and Beginnings

Yesterday marked the end of the school year at Our School.  What a fabulous year it has been, too.  Fast.  Even the kids think it has gone fast.  And as excited as I was yesterday morning about it being the last day, I know I will be equally excited about the first day next year.  I love that school goes in seasons and that when you're tired and can't wait for the end, the end comes.  And after a short rest we're all ready to get on with a new term. 

Today is our final staff day.  It is a delightful way to finish up.  It's nice to relax and not be mindful of bells and routines and playground complaints.  Of course, there are kids around.  It is inevitable when about a third of your staff are also parents at the school!  My children have begged to spend the morning at with me before going with their Dad.  My boss's kids being the main draw-card.  And teachers have already started to 'bags' children for their extra helping hands.  It is one of the very special things I love about Our School.  'Staff kids' spend many more hours at school than the rest of their peers.  But one of the most precious outcomes is that they grow amazing relationships with their teachers, beyond what happens in a classroom.  It is a time when school is less about 'teachers and students' and more about working together with a common goal and enjoying one another's company.

Tomorrow....we'll take it slow.  Perhaps we'll put the Christmas tree up!


Jenny B. said...

End of the year in December? We do our terms beginning in Sept and ending in May/June. Would may/june be your winter?

Anonymous said...

Ah, lovely...time to relax now Tracy! :)

Tracy said...

Yes Jenny, that's our winter. No fun for long holidays then! You also have about double the length of summer holidays compared to us!

Left-Handed Housewife said...

I agree about being ready for the ending and beginning of things. I'm always that way with school--so ready for it to be done and over at the end of spring, more than happy to send the children back when fall rolls around!