Saturday, 16 January 2010

The Smallest Things

Last night we enjoyed our final night of camping with some friends. We sat around after we done some pack-up preparation and talked about what we were looking forward to about coming home.

My two thoughts were:
  • sleeping in my own bed again ~ the bed in the caravan isn't all that comfortable.
  • Having a decent shower!
The second caravan park we stayed at has pathetic showers. You spend much of the time attempting to get as we as possible, although the attempt is always rather unsuccessful. I saved my normal Saturday hair wash for tomorrow morning!

I've also added "being able to curl up on a nice comfy couch". And have you ever noticed how big you house is after spending 3 weeks in a 7ft x 14ft box, even though your lounge room is the great outdoors?!?

Oh....I also have clean feet for the fist time in 3 weeks. Something to do with constant beach trips and wearing thongs the whole time. Who'd have thought clean feet could feel so good?!

I'm off to start catching up on all my blogging friends.....

A note for those who are concerned about terminology. Thongs= rubber footwear. Remove the 's' and you are talking about something else entirely. A very subtle but important thing to notice!


Debbie said...

Tracy there just is no place like home

Joy McD said...

I'm also always soooooooo happy to be back in my own bed!!! Mind you, our camper trailer bed is not too bad, but... there is nothing like being in your own bed again :)
Hope you got some stitching done!
Happy unpacking :)

Tracy said...

LOL Joy...not a stitch. Didn't take it with me. Seeing the amount of dust and dirt in the van each day, I'm glad I didn't.

No, instead I indulged my other great love: reading. I read 8 books and began my 9th. And I was pipped that I didn't get to read the other four....but I have another week before heading back to school.

Rel said...

Hey, you and I are kindred spirits on dirty feet, showers and out own beds!!

I have book no 10 to give you for a review, please! And you will be pleased with me having read one Amish book while away and having to start another tonight ;-)

Hugs - so looking forward to catching up :)

Tracy said...

LOL. I'm never scratching for reading material! Dare I confess my review pile is empty? I figure by the time we get to catch up I'll have finished the books I *really* wanted to read and will be quite ready to do a review again :)

Yep, looking forward to catching up too :) Hugs

Left-Handed Housewife said...

Glad you're back to a nice bed and a steady shower. The lack of which = why I don't camp!


Tracy said...

I've discovered something very sad though Frances. While my bed at home is more comfortable, I'm not sleeping that much better. Better quality perhaps, but not better quantity.