Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Little-Boy Life Lessons

Mr Busy struck it rich while we were away. Riches that came with a pretty profound lesson for a little boy. He learned that being honest is tough stuff. He learned that doing what God would have him do hurts sometimes. But he also learned that the reward at the end is that much sweeter.

Mr Busy found $20 while we were at our first destination. Unfortunately he found it within the campsite property, where there were 130-ish teens were participating in a camp as well as us campers there too. We had a long talk about how he would feel if he'd lost $20 and what the right thing to do might be.

It was with drooping shoulders and teary eyes that he handed that $20 in to the office. He didn't resist but he sure was sad! The Manager was lovely and offered a small glimmer of hope when he said he would put the money. At the end of the week if it was still there Mr Busy could have it. And then Mr Busy devised ways that I could help him feel happy again....ice cream, lollies, toys....the list went on!

First thing on that last morning that the office was open he was all set to go and see if that money was there. I suggested that perhaps we should wait 'til the end of the day...you don't want to seem to greedy, after all! So about 4.30pm we headed over and asked the Manager if the money was still there.

Guess what. It was a very different boy who walked out of that office....money in hand, smile on his face and a bounce in his step!

I think he spent a fair bit on ice cream and lollies at the next camp site, seeing as how that had a little kiosk there! And whatever he spent, he did so with a completely clear conscience and a lot of joy.

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Joy McD said...

Awww, good on him :) Good lessons learned and yummy lollies in tummy :)