Monday, 11 January 2010

Monday's Menu Plan from Planet Salade

I've just realised that my menu plan is very heavy on the salads...a sure sign that summer is full swing now. The fact that my fruit bowl is taking a beating is also a sure sign that summer is here!

On our plates this week:

Monday: Warm chicken salad
Tuesday: BBQ rissoles, cubed potato, salad
Wednesday: Lamb & snow pea salad
Thursday: Cold deli meats, salads
Friday: BBQ chicken wings, cubed potato, salad
Saturday: not sure yet
Sunday: Homemade pizza

We will be doing a long trip on Saturday, so I doubt that I'll be wanting to cook when we finally get home, and yet the thought of having to go out again might prove more of a burden than the relief of not cooking. I may cook something on Friday to have on hand for reheating. We'll see how organised I get!


Left-Handed Housewife said...

I'm looking forward to salad season! Right now we seem to be having snow season--or on the verge of snowing season. Either way, it's got me looking forward to summer.


Tracy said...

My love of salads is rather short-lived, I'm afraid. I'm not a fan of summer.

I need to go in search of some new salad ideas!