Friday, 29 January 2010

I'm Such a Wuss!

This morning, just as I had my toast in the toaster, the power went out. Two hours after it should've been back on, it was still out so I phoned again. Power lines down and an estimated time of power returning: 5.30pm. Ah ha. Yep...not so fun with three kids at home and no plans to get us out of the house.

I prevailed upon a friend who had power and plonked the kids in front of a 'Home Improvement' DVD so we could chat in peace. I know, I know. You'll all be horrified at the huge amount of screen time in one day....but my friend's kids were at her parents.

I hate it when the power is out for long periods of time (ie more than an hour or two). I had a few things I wanted to do and all of them required electricity. I also wanted to try out my kangaroo mince....but I got home way too late to a) defrost it, and b) cook it.

So that's IT. I'm declaring war on power outages. Tomorrow, I will make that lasagna and pop it in the freezer for another night. Furthermore, I am making it my mission to ensure I have something in the pantry at all times that can be cooked on the gas cooktop. No more wussy inability to cope with no power. It just takes some planning for right? Right!


Left-Handed Housewife said...

Power outages can be crazy-making and frustrating, that's for sure. We're expecting a huge winter storm this weekend, and that's my biggest worry--that the power will go out.

By the way, I haven't forgot about the yarn I said I was going to send! I've started frogging the scarf I started to make with it, but it was slow going. I hope I'll have it in the mail next week.


Crunchie's Mum said...

Its not unheard of for the power to go out for days here, although it is getting rarer. The record is three days. The first day you moan and groan a lot. The next day you start to see solutions rather than problems, day three you are quite content without the power. My daughter loves it when the power goes out as we don't turn on the TV but play board games together.


Tracy said...

I didn't think you'd forgotten Frances. You've been really unwell, so I figured you'd get to it when you were feeling better.

I hope you get through that storm OK.

Lynda, you're a better woman than I. I just get crankier and crankier.

Anonymous said...

It's hard to plan ahead for something you hope will never happen again!