Monday, 18 January 2010

Menu Plan Monday

One blissful week of long, lazy holidays remain for me. I'm planning to clean the house and read a lot. I've four more books that I really wanted to read this holidays....and then Rel will have some for me to review. I may even attempt to get some things baked and into the freezer. I'm not convinced I'm quite ready for the frenetic pace of normal life just yet, but one should prepare oneself anyway. This is one time where Denial is not my friend!

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One of the highlights of my holiday was having a new family join us for the second two weeks of our time away. I knew the wife as my discussion leader when I first went to BSF a few years back. I thoroughly enjoyed renewing my relationship with her and getting to know her husband and children. One of the things I learned in the two weeks we had together was a more off-road approach to meals, where refrigeration and food storage is limited. One insights they shared was their preference for kangaroo mince instead of beef. It is far cheaper and lower in fat than the beef and they now prefer its flavour. I decided we should try it for ourselves, and have included it on my menu this week.

Monday: Roast chicken, potatoes, vegies
Tuesday: Mushroom quiche, potatoes, vegies
Wednesday: Fish, scallop potatoes, vegies
Thursday: Spinach & feta pie, salad
Friday: BBQ chicken wings, salad
Saturday: Pasta with vegie sauce
Sunday: Lasanga (using kangaroo mince), salad

I need to seek out a new fish recipe. I have nine meals worth in my freezer and I fear I will tire of it before we eat it all. Dh and two of the other guys caught a lot of Taylor, Aussie Salmon and Flathead. I prefer the salmon, but the others are pretty good too.


Left-Handed Housewife said...

Ah, kangaroo mince, one of my favorites ...

To be honest, I didn't know you guys minced kangaroos, or ate them in any form. Live and learn! Enjoy all that fish!


p.s. glad you're back!

Tracy said...

I don't know what it says about us, that we eat an animal featured on our coat of arms. But they become a pest if not controlled, so I suppose eating them is as good a use of too many 'roos as any.