Wednesday, 6 May 2015

This! #GoodYoungMen

Mr Busy, holding his younger cousin's hand 
through the Denver Zoo "so she wouldn't get lost" 

This morning I read the most beautiful blog post from Ann Voskamp about bringing up boys to be good young men.  Ann talked about her boys.  About the one who sent her to the edge of herself.  I know that place.  We are doing the 14yo boy thing here and it's hard.  The grunting.  The aggressive emotional reactions.  The lack of personal responsibility.  The butt-kicking required in order for homework to be completed.  It's hard work.  I am wondering if we will make it through to the end of Year 12 in one piece, he and I.

But Ann reminded me of something today.  My son is a #GoodYoungMan.  Under all the hormonal,14yo, angsty and emotional stuff he is a beautiful boy who will grow up to be the greatest man.  I know this because I see little glimpses of it.  Little moments of light and beauty where I see the truth of who he is peeking out.  A boy who loves to help and serve and care.  Who is funny and engaging.  Who works harder than many men and does not stop til the job is done.  Who is gentle and compassionate and generous.

 So gentle that wallabies happily lie at his feet while
he strokes them gently and feeds them

Yesterday my son was publically lifted up for the way he served tirelessly, selflessly, enthusiastically to make a dinner for new people in our church the success that it was.  He helped set up and cook the barbeque.  He sat at the table with a bunch of people he'd never met and conversed intelligently.  He helped entertain some gorgeous little people so parents could enjoy conversation.  And then he helped pack everything away again.  He didn't grumble or complain once.  It was noticed and shared amongst leaders in our church during our staff meeting.  The woman who shared said "I want my son to grow up to be like that".  And I got to share that encouragement with my Good Young Man.

Because he might be 14 and drive me to pulling out my hair in utter despair.  He might drive me to my knees, wondering if we'll make it through these years of sitting still to study and write.  But this boy, this beautiful, gentle-hearted boy is a part of a generation of boys who will grow up to be the most amazing young men.
"There are good young men who need someone
 to show them they are trustworthy by 
entrusting them with worthy work, who take 
the time to inspect their work so they know 
what to expect, who give them confidence to
 do hard things by giving them hard things to do."
~ Ann Voskamp ~

Let's remember to look beyond our current challenges and entrust our boys with opportunities to do worthy, hard things that help them see who they really are.  To be Good Young Men. 

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Left-Handed Housewife said...

What always astounds me is how lovely my boys are outside of the house. They're respectful to adults, kind to their friends, and all around good guys. So why not at home? Home is where they let it all hang out, I guess. Drives me crazy--I want some of that good stuff, too! But I'd hate to have be the other way around.