Tuesday, 19 May 2015

A suitcase question: To share or not to share?

Our lastest conversation in preparation for our trip:

Dh:  I think we could get away with one suitcase for both of us.

The last time we shared a suitcase was approximately 17 million years ago.  Well...maybe just 17, without the million.  But a long time.  As I recall it, we were camping (in a tent) and it was torture.  My side of the case was nice and neat and tidy.  His side of the case looked like a bomb had gone off and it just spread across over my stuff.  Every single time he went to the case I had to go back and tidy it up - for my own sanity, you understand, not because I was being all loving and serving or anything so virtuous.  I vowed, then, that we would never share a case again. 

Oddly, this mess thing only happens while travelling.  At home his clothes are put away (not by me, in case that's what you're thinking.  I'm not that nice) and it doesn't hit my radar as something to deal with, because it just isn't there.

Personally, I'd be content with my small case (a bit bigger than carry-on size) and he can take the case the next size up, for his shoes and the coffee he wants to take with us.  I'm not so keen on making the smell of coffee my signature scent.

Do you share a suitcase with your spouse/partner when you travel?  Why or why not?


Julie H said...

We don't share a case - the only time we regret this is at the baggage carousel when 1 bag inevitably takes MUCH longer to arrive than the other.

Kirsten McCulloch said...

We do share a suitcase when we travel, and we often make the kids share one too. I guess we are equally untidy (or else he's tidier than me?) so I don't have this problem ;)

I do think I would put shoes and coffee elsewhere though! :)

Left-Handed Housewife said...

Given that my husband is neater than I am, I happily share a suitcase with him! I should point out that none of our travels involves flying (he hates to fly).

To share or not to share really depends on how long we're going away for. If we're just going some place for a couple of days, we share a large case. But when we go to the beach for a week, we take our own bags. But again, we're driving, so there's plenty of room and no reason not to pack separate bags.

Good luck figuring this one out!


Fabulousandfunlife said...

I never share a suitcase with my partner for exactly the reason you describe above!

Amy HandbagMafia said...

We share if it's a short trip :)

Mystery Case said...

No, just no. For much the same reasons as your own. Although, it would have helped if we'd shared on our first camping trip because my bag was left neatly packed at home.

Barbara said...

NEVER! Even when we were
still backpackers I wanted
my own bag. My husband has
a tendency to bring a lot
of stuff he doesn't need
"just in case". Fine if
your're going to some
remote place in the 3rd
world but we don't do that
anymore. We're leaving for
the UK tomorrow for 5 weeks
and just weighed our cases -
mine 12 kg, his 18. Enough

Jodi Gibson said...

We usually share, but we are as messy as each other on holidays. When I'm on vacation it doesn't really worry me, I do enough OCD cleaning and tidying at home!

Malinda Brown said...

If everything fits in one we just do one. It is only for a week or two, the convenience of a single case far outweighs the pain of sharing the mess. Perhaps you can get inserts to seperate it into two sections.

Bron Maxabella said...

We do, but now that you mention it, I have no idea why I do that!!! x

EssentiallyJess said...

We don't really go anywhere where suitcases are required. For camping everything goes in a tub, and we share that.
I don't think sharing would bother me too much. But like Jodi on holiday I'm not worried about mess. :)

Renee Wilson said...

We don't even own a suitcase! We still share a backpack. Time for us to grow up I think and get a suitcase lol #teamIBOT