Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Mother's Day is NOT my favourite day

Mother's Day is perhaps one of my least favourite days of the year. Years of expectations unfulfilled, the day feeling like any other day.  Of hoping for a special breakfast or flowers or afternoon tea baked by more-than-capable children and being disappointed.

This year I think we turned the corner.  It's only taken 19 years.

Flowers.  Dinner I didn't have to cook.

In fact, I had taken some chicken fillets out of the freezer and just put them in the microwave to defrost when Dh came out to suggest take-away from the brand new Chinese restaurant in Our Town.  And rather than be all grouchy and matyrish I told Dh that I was happy for him to win this one.  I whipped those fillets back into the freezer, put on some rice and waited to see what dinner would be.  It was delicious and featured our favourite dishes. 

Maybe next year the children will convince Dh to book a restaurant for lunch weeks ahead of time?  Or maybe they'll go to the effort of baking scones or a cake for afternoon tea.

Mother's Day is still not my favourite day.  But this one was a vast improvement.


Mumma McD said...

Mother's Day is a bit of a con job in my opinion, ruined by commercialisation and expectations built on advertising. But a card would be nice!

Tonia Zemek said...

I love a last minute change of plans for dinner (especially if it doesn't involve cooking). Fingers crossed for your next year's celebrations!

Leisa said...

I love a simple Mothers Day. This year three of my four kids came over (the eldest was working) and we ate scones that I'd baked spread with jam and cream. Then my daughter and I lay on the floor and we watched Jersey Boys whilst she played with my hair.

My eldest came over yesterday with a packet of Doritos (my guiltiest pleasure) some flowers and a gift card & we spent time chatting.

Lovely and peaceful.

RedDirtCaveGirl said...

Sounds like a pretty good ending to mothers day :) Glad it was an improvement! My husband was working all weekend and started at stupid o'clock each morning, so I have postponed it and have declared this weekend as Mother's Weekend :)

Hello from #teamIBOT

Toni said...

Mine was spent fasting for a colonoscopy so yours sounds much better than mine if that counts for anything :)

Haidee said...

Glad you had a better day! Maybe when they are older they will be more onto it with organising things :) I got a coffee and a card (by request) and money so I can choose my own present. With all boys though I have learnt that I will be doing this for the rest of my life! Haha.