Thursday, 14 May 2015

Panic Stations Everyone!!!

Tasks for the weekend:
  • Teach all day on Friday.
  • Calm the panicked daughter who needs to write a 1500 word report by Monday.  After doing an ecosystem study.  And it's pouring with rain (Yay, Melbourne!)
  • Take Miss Mischief shopping to relieve panicked daughter of the time crunch she's experiencing (please just poke my eyes out now.  Shopping...sob, sob).
  • Go out for lunch with a friend on Saturday.
  • Help the panicked daughter work out how to use Excel.
  • Shop for food (why do we have to do this every single week???).
  • Calm the panicked daughter when she has a meltdown about what to write next.
  • VACUUM (I need a cleaner!)
You see how this is going to play out, right?  There will be stressing and cranky-pants behaviour going on for the next four days until that assignment is all researched, written and submitted.  And then it will all be over, she'll blitz the thing and get some distinction or high distinction grade, like it was no big deal.

And what will I get?  Her undying love and gratitude, and her admission that mothers know everything and should be listened to exactly all of the times.  All of them. 

1 comment:

Left-Handed Housewife said...

NOT shopping?!? Nooooooo!!

It's that weekly grocery shop that kills me too. Why don't the groceries magically appear?

Good luck making it through the next few days!