Saturday, 16 May 2015

And then Miss Sunshine died of laughter....

Dh and I have been talking, quite a bit, about what we want to do while we're in Malaysia, because seeing the cup manufacturer won't take too much time.  We know quite a few people who were once students here in Melbourne and attended our church whilst they were here so there will be a bit of catching up over yummy meals, I'm sure.  But they all seem to suggest shopping.  Dh assures me I will be dumbfounded at the cheap prices.

But shopping?

Last night we had Miss Sunshine in the car with us and Dh was saying he didn't plan to pack much because he would just buy stuff there.  To which I responded:  "I am not going to spend our three free days shopping because you can't be bothered packing.  Just stab me in the eye right now because it would be less torturous".

And Miss Sunshine just rolled around the back seat laughing til her sides hurt.  For a long time.  "Stab me in the eye..... ha ha ha".  I didn't think it was that funny, but it certainly tickled her.

I don't get it.  We've been married nearly 25 years and were together 5 before that.  You'd think after 30 years your husband would know that shopping is not your thing.  My kids have it figured out.  Miss Sunshine can time it to the minute - I have a two-hour limit and then I keel over with brain fog and exhaustion.  Last Saturday when we had to go and buy Mr Busy's birthday present we were gone for so long Miss Sunshine sent us a text:  "You've been gone a long time, is Mum still alive?"

I reckon we can get any and all shopping required or desired out of the way on the evening of the day we arrive.  We land around 4pm.  It could all be overwith before we go to bed that night.


Left-Handed Housewife said...

So impressed that you can do two hours shopping! I'm good for 90 minutes tops. Oh, I do hate to shop. My summer clothes are old and raggedy, but I can't bring myself to go shop for some new ones. I'm telling myself I'm being frugal!


Tracy said...

Miss Sunshine says we need to hang out!!! We could start a "not shopping" revolution!

Joolz said...

We must be tarred with the same brush! I hate, HATE shopping for clothes and never shop when on holidays! I always say "i'd rather stay home and give birth to a chair!' Such is my dislike for clothes shopping! :)