Sunday, 14 August 2011

A Trip to Ikea

It's been a long time since we have found ourselves in Ikea.  But storage needs got the better of us and so off we went.  Along the way we stopped at a few bathroom showrooms, since our ensuite is scheduled for repair and refurbishment, due to water damage, in the next month.

Mr Busy needed storage for 'stuff' know what boys consider, lego, screws, bits of paper.  I don't know, his room is just full of 'stuff'.  We realised the thing we wanted was too long for the car with us inside it as well, so Dh will have to take his work van in one day to pick it up. 

I also needed more bookshelf space.  Not for my beloved fiction this time, but for my Uni books.  After only purchasing two semester's worth of books we can see how much space I am going to need by the end of six more semesters!  The unit we chose will fit cosily in the space, and I have some cute round, white baskets for containing my 'stuff'.  I can't wait to get it put together and into use.

Despite all that fun, I must say I found shopping with three adult-sized children quite a challenge to my need for a large personal space.  Especially with all the other people milling about!  In any case we are now a part of the Ikea family.

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