Saturday, 13 August 2011

Of Grand Things

Our upper primary classes adventured off yesterday morning for a trip to the city.  It was a culmination of an education program we'd participated in with the Victorian Opera.   But really, it was so much more.  Every time I head into the city I feel like I walk around with my awed jaw on the ground ~ Melbourne is such a beautiful, amazing place (though I'm always glad to head home to the bush at the end of the trip!).  Before making our way to visit the Opera we stopped and had morning tea outside the museum, which incidentally is behind the Melbourne Exhibition Building (as oppossed to the Exhibition Centre, otherwise known as Jeff's Shed).  This building and surrounding garden epitomises Melbourne ~ stunning, beautiful archetiture and beautiful, lush gardens....even in winter when the trees are all bare.  So above (thanks to Google Images) is the view I took in as we ate ~ all 59 of us.

And then we went to see the strings, woodwind and operatic voices put all the work together in a short taste of Hansel & Gretel.  It was beautiful, amazing.  It made me wonder what programs the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra has.  Once upon a long time ago I believe they used to do performances for free here and there throughout summer.

I came home tired....all that bus noise with 51 exuberant children will do that.  But it was a magnificent day.  And best of all, I shared it with Mr Busy.  Not that he was always close by, but it was still rather special.  As was seeing the school I did placement at, during our morning tea stop!

My final 'grand thing' ~ I think I've finished my society & environment assignment, with just a little polishing remaining.  YAY!

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Squiggly Rainbow said...

It was a lovely day! I looked up Victorian Opera and MSO - hope to take the kids to see something soon! xx