Monday, 29 August 2011

Monday menu Plan: Week Beginning 29 August

Look at that ~ a menu planning post on Monday.  It's amazing what a week off Uni can do for a busy girl!  I'm so excited I almost don't know what to do with myself.  I finished a book yesterday.  I even had a delicious thought about getting some stitching time in.  Can you imagine?  I haven't stitched for months!  Inclination seems to escape me whenever I have the time.  You really need both at the same time.  Perhaps this week?!  And maybe some baking?  Well...let's not get our hopes up too far.  It's only a week!

We are eating meals though.  There will be no doubt about that in a family of children who constantly remind me that "it's illegal not to feed your children".  I don't know why they remind me.  I never leave them unfed.  I threaten on days when I feel floppy and unmotivated and tired.  But I always overcome that for the sake of a happy family.  I'm not happy that they've gone from newborns who fed every 4 hours to teens and tweens who eat every two hours.  What happened there?

So...this week it'll be:
Monday:  chicken curry, rice
Tuesday: a stop at Safeway's freezer, m/wave jacket potatoes, frozen vegies
Wednesday:  chicken casserole, potato dauphenoise
Thursday: pasta bolognaise
Friday: Joolz Pasta (Jamie's 30 minute meals p. 30)
Weekend....whatever takes our fancy.

Dh requested meals that yield leftovers for his lunch.  Perhaps we'll have to make sure there's enough for two lunches ;)  Or maybe I just need to get the Prep kids over here to make vegie soup.  We made that this afternoon after having harvested some potatoes last Friday.  They did a magnificent job making a tasty soup.  They all had a taste and most of them loved it.  Amazing!


Left-Handed Housewife said...

So glad you got some rest and relaxation, and I hope one of these days you'll actually get to make a stitch or two!


Crunchie's Mum said...

Joolz pasta is yummy - my daughter cooked it a couple of nights ago. The tarts are nice too.

Tracy said...

Me too Frances!

I'm thinking we'll skip those particular tarts Crunchie's Mum. They look great..but I don't eat wheat and Miss Sunshine is allergic ot nuts :(