Saturday, 20 August 2011

The 'Jamie' Experiment


Miss Mischief and I shared our family's first 'Jamie' experience together.  Don't worry, I'll not be neglecting my love for all things Nigella, but as I said the other day Jamie's 30 Minute Meals is organised in a manner that supports some necessary kitchen management learning required by Miss Mischief.

In under 45 minutes we had gather items, cooked and finished eating.  Not bad, huh. We did it together, so a little of my speed and experience assisted with the timing.  But I wanted to walk her through how to follow this different method of following a handful of recipes at the same time.  I think when she comes to go solo with it she'll be just fine, although it will take her longer than 30 minutes.  Anything less than two hours will be an improvement!

Our meal of mustard chicken, potato dauphinoise and lemony greens was absolutely delicious and was topped off with an affogato (basically, cherries, coffee, chocolate & icecream over crumbled shortbread biscuits).  Everyone was more than happy to polish off their meals and go back for more potato.

A complete success I'd say.  Now to choose another meal for next week!

If you want to try this meal, click here for the recipes and instructions.


Crunchie's Mum said...

We love Jamie's book. The meals are very yummo but oh my gosh the dishes when you have finished. Maybe thats just us - messy cooks.

Angela said...

I love the Jamie book too. I am making less mess as I get more used to it! Blessings X

Tracy said...

We just served at the bench as we normally do, so no serving dishes so our mess was about the same.

Left-Handed Housewife said...

I'm going to have to get that book! Jack has slacked off on his cooking, but maybe he'll find some recipes in there he'll like. Thanks for sharing!


Jodie said...

Hi Tracy. Just wondering if I could get some information on your course. Melissa is considering studying Education and I'm looking into a few things for her. Where is your course based? I note that you can do your course online. Are there many like that? Also, what were the entry requirements for "mature aged" students? Thanks, Jodie. Send me an email if you like at