Sunday, 8 May 2011

Week's Catch-Up - Happy Mother's Day!

Who could have imagined this week would be so full, and go so quickly!  Before I go any further....Happy Mother's Day, to all you mothers.  My Mum lives two hours away, so our day has been somewhat empty.  I suppose a better daughter would have organised to get together.  A better daughter would not have had her head full of assignments and weekly University tasks.  I've missed seeing Mum today, more than I imagined I might.

For my day, presents in bed and breafast together began the day.  An hour or so watching The Cosby Showfollowed lunch and a nap followed that.  I really did overheat my brain yesterday!  Miss Sunshine is supervising Mr Busy as they cook dinner together :o)  As I sit here now, I'm watching Jamie's 30 Minute Meals.  He's a funny dude when he's not trying to change the eating habits of a city like Los Angeles!

Now to backtrack through the week.  We've had two new families join our school.  The little girl in Prep came from a Steiner school and has found the transition overwhelming at times.  Tears have been her constant companion, as well as hugs from me whenever I've been in proximity.  Mr Busy has a new girl in his class who is also struggling with the transition from a highly restrictive envrionment to ours.  By the end of the week she didn't want to be at school without her parents.  Again, more hugs from me.  I hate to think how these girls would have coped in a school where staff have a 'hands off' policy.  Especially when a hug is the only thing they want ... and need.  I hope they both have a better week in the next few days.  Pray for them, if you would.  Starting a new school is a tough gig.

I had to present some feedback on the PD I went to last term, to my fellow Primary School staff this week.  Despite losing sleep over it, it wasn't so bad!  They're an easy audience!  I've been working hard on the four (and last) assignments and have submitted one of them.  These ones are weighted more heavily than the first round, so I feel a little more nervous about them.

M excitment for last week was meeting with three other students doing the same Foundations subject.  it was lovely to spend a couple of hours chatting about the things that challenge us and know that these people really do understand!  We will plan to meet again during the study/exam period before we all head out for our Professional Experience placements.

As well as all of those things, I've had Miss Sunshined being whisked off to the optometrist for an emergency appointment.  She went from being fine to having some pretty full-on symptoms of conjunctivitis.  The pharmacist recommended a stop across the road and his advice was spot on.  The 'Eye-Guy', as I've dubbed him, was terribly concerned with the ferocity and the quick onset and prescribed some pretty strong drops for her.  She was much better within a day.

That's all from me...perhaps this week I might pop in here a little more.  Then again, I've a Numeracy proficiency test to prepare for (yeah, pray for that one too!!!!!!) and another assignment to submit, plus two others to keep writing.  Hmmm...see why I've been missing?!


Squiggly Rainbow said...

I don't know how you do it! I am having an overload trying to start my 4 assignments due in the next 3 weeks. I have given up for today! xox

What better than a cuddle from you! I got one too xoxoxo

Tracy said...

Sometimes cuddles are just what is needed ;o)

Rach, I have bad days too. Today I just feel like I'm not doing very well at lots of things. Sigh. Tomorrow will be better.