Friday, 20 May 2011

Something Delicious About Friday

This is the first year that I've worked on Friday's.  When I had Friday off, my weekends started on Thursday evenings, and there is something lacking in that anticipation of the weekend's arrival.  School, and other daily acitivities are still in the full swing of routine on Thursday.

This year, I have Thursday off.  It's working better than I imagined.  The few times I've swapped days, Thursday has proven to be a difficult day to do from a timetabling point of view.  So now that I work a Friday, there is that declicious anticipation of the weekend that comes along with it.  Friday is a a bit of a winding down kind of day.  Of course there is lots of work, but....there's that anticipation!

This week's anticipation includes my nieces' combined birthday party.  A trip to a Geppetto's store must surely be in the wind, in search of the perfect gift(s).  Maybe a little assignment writing.  Perhaps some Cosby Show or Little House on the Prairie.  Definitely some reading.  A Sunday night roast might just top it all off.

What's your favourite thing about Friday?


Squiggly Rainbow said...

We bought the children the whole series of Little House for Christmas. As we have no aerial, Little House is what we watch for movie nights, or a doco from iview! I think we are kindred spirits! xo

Tracy said...


TK said...

my Fridays ar my little M is at his dad's, my Shaun does afternoon shift and I get to have a quiet peaceful time every Friday night. I usually curl up and read, make myself a yummy nutritious dinner and perhaps watch a DVD followed by bath and reading in bed - bliss, bliss, bliss!!!!
ps - loved your comments over at Squiggly Rainbow re our kids and what we teach them - it truly struck a cord with me!! Thankyou, TK xx