Monday, 9 May 2011

Monday Menu Planning: Week beginning 9 May

This week is Mr Busy's birthday.  Poor boy ~ it's on the one day we're most crazy after school, and pressed for time.  I have, however, already bought his presents.  It's not often I'm so organised so ahead of time!  I also have to go and spend some time with Miss Mischief at Girl's Brigade that night.  Why is it that everything piles up for just one day?!  Anyway, Mr Busy will enjoy some time with his Dad.  That's always a treat to him.

For this week...more busyness, assignments, classrooms filled with amazingly gorgeous children....and food.  Ir eally am starting to wonder if eating is overrated?  All that time spent shopping and cooking and eating.  when I don't have the energy or the inclination, usually!  I need to go back to the girls doing more.  At the end of the school term and over the holidays I'd picked up a little more in the kitchen.  I'm more invested in what I plan when I get to make it as well.  But I've found this week that I've felt time-pressured.  So here is what the girls are up to...

Monday:  Chicken wings and fried rice (Miss Sunshine)
Tuesday:  Ricotta fritters, vegies (me)
Wednesday:  Oven fried chicken, vegies (Miss Mischief)
Thursday:  Tomato and bacon pasta (me)
Friday:  Sloppy Joe's (Miss Sunshine)
The weekend is still unplanned.  This past weekend we ended up having gnocchi with creamy roasted tomato sauce and then chicken & vegie soup.  I'll wait to see what the weekend is likely to bring before I plan, I guess.  I shop on Thursday, so it can wait til then.

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